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(The dues) pertaining to the sthala ... ga 2,960
Both                                               .-   n   4,210

Grain (paddy)                                 ~. kh       55 J*

Total                                              ... ga 4,460

The (specification of) puttasti until Krodhana Vaisakha
ba 3 (21st April A.D. 1505 ?), when the fort of Alavakonda was
destroyed : 


Dues pertaining to the sthala

With paddy

Total                                               .

(This) account which was read aloud in the palace, has
been prepared tip to the year Dundubhi by the command of
Rangapparajayya, who, desiring to grant the fort as an
amaram to Huddayyasani, instructed that the account should
be prepared according to the old ayaJcat account of the sima
during the administration of Graurappa Nayadu in the reign of
Vira Narasimharaya. Oennamaraju Varadayya, and Ca^diraju
Vobalayya read this. The specification of puttasti up to the
year Dundubhi is ga 41,280. For the 43 villages given away
to the Grods and Brahmans, the account is ga 10,140. The
balance is ga 31,140.

L.R. 6, pp. 334-8

*If the difference between gas 4,460 and 4,210 represents the cost of  55$
paddy, then the price per pvfttit a little over fas 4J*
t This is a. total including the previous figure.
% This i the grand total including all the previous items*